In normal years, Lake County residents and businesses welcome visitors and tourists with open arms. This isn’t a normal year, however. Non-essential travel remains restricted in most counties including Lake because of state/local Shelter in Place orders. Lodging of non-essential workers at hotels and Airbnb’s is also prohibited.

If you find yourself in Lake County anyway, whether for essential business or a weekend getaway, please consider the following:

Wear a face mask in businesses and public places

Lake County’s public health orders clearly state that facial coverings are required in most indoor business settings. If you didn’t bring a mask, they are widely available at retailers throughout Lake County.

Buy masks here.

Keep your distance

While businesses are reopening in stages, Covid-19 transmission remains a real threat. You can help minimize that threat by staying in your social bubble, such as your family or co-workers. This is not a good time to mingle with the “locals.” Many Lake County residents are rightly concerned about being infected by “outsiders” traveling from Covid-19 hotspots such as the Bay Area or Sonoma County.

Lake County has one of the lowest infection rates in California; do your part to keep it that way.

Shelter in Place means home, not here

With beautiful Clear Lake at its center, Lake County is a wonderful place to live, work and visit. That doesn’t mean you should come here for day trips or overnight stays on a whim or because you’re bored at home. If you’re an essential worker, please enjoy all the hospitality that Lake County has to offer. If you’re a tourist, please stay home until the public health orders are modified sometime later this year.

This content does not necessarily represent the views of any local business, agency or organization. But if you get some hard stares when visiting Lake County in violation of Shelter in Place orders … now you know why.