Would animals mask up? Logo says yes

Jonathan Purr is the winner of the Lake County Masks logo contest with his entry titled, “Animals Would If They Could.” It depicts a deer, fish and bird wearing masks above the catch phrase, “Just Wear It.”

Purr, 36, is a medical technician who resides in Lakeport with his wife, Elena Stanley. His decision to use an animal theme was driven by a news story describing how a dog was infected with Covid-19 by its owner. “They [animals] probably would cover their faces, if they could,” Purr said. He said some humans have a harder time wearing facial coverings, even in medical offices where Covid-19 protocols are strictly followed.

Lake County Masks logo

3 thoughts on “Would animals mask up? Logo says yes”

  1. Looks good…would look better without lettering across the logo. Perhaps business cards for you, Shery and I. Perhaps you can get a donation from a printer. Lets get together so we can toss ideas around. Do you have an office?

    Regards ,


  2. I’ve got boxes of un used fabric I’d love to donate to make masks. I used to soe draperies & clothes. The problem is I’m older now & my hands can’t work like that any more. My family & home is virus free. I really want to help


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